Protecting Freedom - Page 19

“But I did get a couple of pictures of you and the agent who was on you today. Those should have hit the news a while ago.” He smirks.

All the blood drains from my face as my heart really starts to pound.

“Is that it? You like them rough around the edges? I can be rough—” He goes to step towards me into the closet, but before he can someone slams into him.

It only takes a second for me to realize that Washington has just body slammed him.

Washington starts wailing on him, hitting him over and over. Two agents run over and try to pull Washington off him, but they can’t. One looks over at me and I’m pretty sure it’s the same one who busted us having sex. He looks at me and I know he’s asking me for some kind of help.

“Washington,” I call out. “I’m scared.”

His head snaps up and his eyes lock on mine. I take a step back from the look on his face. He’s gone completely savage and it makes me think this is what he probably looked like going into war.

He jumps up and Chad groans. Washington gives him a kick as he steps over him, but his eyes never leave me.

“Don’t back away from me,” he warns as he takes a step towards me. Then a whole new energy comes over him and suddenly he’s a predator ready to chase. I’m never going to run from him. Instead I launch myself into his arms.

“I knew you would come,” I say, burying my face in his neck. I kiss the exposed skin there and my mouth moves up his strong jaw and then to his lips.

When his mouth lands on mine, he takes over and the kiss is desperate and possessive. I’m lost in him as my hands run up his chest and I press my body harder against his. It isn’t until someone clears their throat that I remember we aren’t alone.

Washington loosens the grip he has on my ass and I slide down his body. “I told you to get dressed.”

I look down at myself. “I am.” I look down at the nightshirt. “Sort of.” I’m covered up at least, and that’s all that matters.

“Sir,” someone calls, and Washington turns around. I try to look around him, but he only pushes me back behind him. “He’s out cold. We’re going to take him downstairs.”


“I’ll be there soon. I want everyone out of here,” he tells the man. I wrap my arms around him from behind, resting my head on his back. I don’t want him to go anywhere. “I need a change of clothes. Leave them at the door.”

Washington waits a beat before he turns around in my arms. He leans down, cupping my face in his hands. “Are you okay? I’m so sorry. I should have never left your side.”

Regret shows in his eyes. “I’m fine. He didn’t touch me.” I slide my hands up his chest and link my arms around his neck.

“I need a shower,” he tells me, and I nod.

He carries me into the bathroom and sits me down on the counter. It’s then I see the blood splattered on his shirt. He strips off his clothes and I marvel at the sight of his body. He still has the bandage over his stomach, but there’s no blood on it this time. I reach out and run my hands over his bare chest.

“Are you okay?” I ask as I trace around the bandage. He keeps picking me up like it’s nothing. I’m surprised it doesn’t hurt.

“When I saw him in your room…” He shakes his head. “Everything went red. I wouldn’t have stopped if you hadn’t been there.”

“It’s over.” I lean in and kiss his chest.

“Let me shower. Don’t move.”

“I could join you.” I go to scoot off the counter, but he stops me.

“Don’t move. I’m not risking your father walking in on me in the shower with his daughter. This scene right now is bad enough. I can’t have you out of my sight right now, so this will have to do.”

I nod in agreement. The reminder of my dad is a bucket of cold water to my sex drive. Crap. Washington walks into the shower and my eyes are glued to him through the glass.

“He said he released pictures of us,” I call out, and Washington’s eyes meet mine.

He doesn’t respond and his non answer is all the answer I need. God, I bet the public is going nuts. And I can’t imagine what my dad must think. Still, I’d rather them focus on me than on my dad and July.

The shower shuts off and Washington steps out. He towels off and helps me down from the counter as if it’s too high for me to jump from. He holds me as we walk out, and I see the blood on my bedroom floor and wall.

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