Protecting Freedom - Page 16

My lips move down her neck as I kiss my way to her tits. She’s grown in the last year, and what were small buds grew into swells tipped with rosy pink nipples. I lick my way over to one then suck on the hard peak. She cries out and I put my hand over her mouth as I pop the nipple out of my mouth.

“You can’t make any sounds.” I shake my head. “There are three men outside who would kill to have a taste of what’s mine. They’d probably fight to the death to have a turn.”

She glances at the door and then her cheeks flush red.

“I won’t let it happen,” I say as I suck her nipple back into my mouth.

I take my hand away and she bites her lip and nods.

I kiss between each breast as I suck on one and then move to the other. I go back and forth until they are both shiny and dark red from my mouth. I squeeze them with my big hands as I kneel in front of her and kiss my way down her stomach.

“Pull your panties down for me,” I command, and her slender fingers trail down her belly to the edge of them. “Not all the way. Just low enough for me to see it. I want to kiss your pussy with the white cotton still on.”

I watch as she pushes it down just under her hips so that they’re snug around the thickest part of her thighs. Nestled in between them is her bare pussy and glistening wet lips.

“You shaved it?” I ask, not taking my eyes off my prize.

“Yes.” Her voice is shaky but sure.

“For me?” I lick my lips, my mouth watering.

“Yes, Washington.”

My name in her mouth makes me want to cream my boxers. Fucking hell, this girl is going to break me in half. I lean forward, pressing my nose against her soft mound, and inhale the sweet scent of virgin pussy. My tongue darts out and the taste of her hits me like a ton of bricks. If I wasn’t already on my knees I’d be on the floor. Nothing has ever been so fucking perfect before.


I run my hands down her body and around to her ass as I pull her forward and bury my mouth against her cunt. My tongue slides between her wet lips and to her clit without any resistance.

She tries to spread her legs, but her panties keep them tight together, and I smile against her. She rocks her hips while I move my tongue faster, and I can tell she’s going to be a quick trigger.

“Washington,” she says softly and with a plea in her sweet voice.

She’s probably never had an orgasm before and she’s about to have one that’s going to wreck her body.

I grip her ass tighter and suck on her pussy. She nearly falls over on top of me when her climax hits. I taste her sticky sweet juice as her pussy pulses and I drink it down. It’s so innocent that I can’t help taking extra-long licks of her far past the point of when she’s wrung out.

When I’ve taken my fill, I place one last kiss on her lower lips before I stand up and reach into my slacks.

“Sh-should we go to the bed?” she asks, her eyes heavy and her legs weak.

I shake my head. “If I get you on your back too soon I won’t be able to have you but one time,” I say. I push my pants down a little more and pull my cock out. It’s throbbing in my hand and the head is covered in sticky cum.

Her eyes widen at the sight of it and she gasps.

“That’s why we’re doing this here, sweet pea. You’re too little to take it all the first time, so I’m going to have to break you in nice and easy. Those panties are for your sake just as much as mine.”

I push the head of my cock between her wet lips and slide it against her clit. She pushes her hips forward, and I can feel her tight opening trying to take me in. Her panties are keeping her from spreading her legs, which means I can’t go balls deep and hurt her. It’s already going to be painful enough popping her cherry, but I don’t want her sore for days. I’ll need her again tonight. Probably several times, so I’ve got to restrain myself.

I thrust my hips back and forth, squeezing my length between her tight thighs. She rocks her hips and I grab the base of my cock so I can guide it into her. When I enter just an inch she hisses and I lean down, kissing her lips.

“This will only hurt a little bit,” I tell her, hoping it’s not a lie.

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