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Selene wanted to laugh, but she couldn’t relax. Fresh waves of tension crept through her body. She felt as if she were going mad. One minute he was all she wanted, the next she was scared of him.

Ethan lingered over her. Selene knew he could sense her hesitation.

“Aren’t you going to finish undressing me?” she asked. She wanted to keep Ethan


focused. She also wanted to distract herself from her doubts.

“Do you like it when I undress you?” His voice was low and slightly hoarse.

All at once Selene remembered why she wanted to fuck him. A small shiver ran up her spine. She nodded weakly.

Ethan wrapped his fingers around her underwear and slowly pulled them down. Selene tried to stay still, but she squirmed uncontrollably. Ethan drew the moment out, leaving her underwear around her knees as he caressed the inside of her thighs.

A moan escaped from her lips; she covered her mouth as if she were shy. Ethan laughed at the demure gesture.

Selene responded by lifting up her legs and kicking her underwear off. Ethan caught them and brought them to his face. He breathed in deeply, then threw them to the floor.

Selene spread her legs wide as Ethan climbed on top of her.

The table wobbled and for a moment she thought it would collapse. Ethan paused,

waiting for it to stop shaking. When it looked like it would support their weight he continued undressing her.

He nestled in between Selene’s legs, his hard cock half an inch from penetrating her vagina. He was careful to keep it away from her flesh; he enjoyed teasing her.

He placed his hands up Selene’s shirt and massaged her breasts. His hands were

unusually rough, it struck Selene as odd. He didn’t seem like the outdoorsy type. She wondered what he had been doing.

Ethan pushed her shirt up, over her head and buried his face between her breasts. His whiskers tickled her skin as his soft lips kissed and sucked on her nipples.

She tried to clear her mind and concentrate on the sensation.

Why were his hands so rough? This is getting ridiculous, she thought. She was sure there was a reasonable explanation.

Since learning of his involvement with Belle Amie, Selene felt suspicious of Ethan’s every move. The pleasure of his touch, the sweet desire building up inside her, it ebbed and flowed with her doubts.

Selene ran her fingers through Ethan’s hair. Her hand disappeared in the thick dark tendrils. Without thinking, she grasped on to it and pushed his head down, forcing him between her legs. Ethan followed without resistance. Good, she thought. She hoped that when she questioned him later he was just as passive.

Ethan wasted no time. He kissed and sucked on her vagina more enthusiastically than he had on her breasts. His tongue moved in and out of her.

Selene held her grip on his hair. As her hips worked against him, she pushed his head against her vagina, encouraging him to eat her out faster.

She felt herself . When she came, she released her grip and laid placidly on the table. The orgasm was deep and satisfying and best of all it wiped the incessant fears from her mind.

Ethan crawled on top of her and whispered in her ear: “I could eat you for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

Before Selene could respond, Ethan was inside her. He seesawed in and out of her.

“You’re so wet,” he moaned.

He lifted himself up, arching his back for deeper penetration. He drove his cock into her as far as he could, then repeated the motion.

The table shook, sending a vase crashing to the floor. Selene ignored it; she was captivated by his face. One moment it twisted with concentration and pleasure. The next he looked intense, completely focused on not just fucking her, but pleasing her. Was this Jekyll or Hyde, she wondered. Perhaps neither, she hoped, maybe it was just Ethan.

He strained to last longer, but succumbing to primal urge he came. When he collapsed next to her, the table wavered again. She was sure it would fall this time, but it stabilized and the two were left to stare in to each other’s eyes.

“Who are you?” Selene asked.

Frustrated, Ethan ran his hands over his face and through his hair. “You’ve been talking to Ms. Miller.” It wasn’t a question, he knew. “You were asking about my companies?”

His voice was even, measured; Selene felt as if he was working to control his temper. So much for sex making him docile, she thought.

“I had hoped,” he continued, “you would drop this. That’s my advice to you: leave it alone.”

“I just need-” Selene began.

“Just, drop it.”

Selene shrunk away from him. She felt like a child being chastised.

“Hey,” he said sweetly, “look at me.” He lifted her chin so that she was forced to make eye contact with him. His hands caressed her face; she flinched at how rough they were.

“I told you I would never put you or my child in danger. My business… some of the men I work with, if you knew the details… it would be putting you in harm’s way.”

“Is that what happened to your wife? Was she put in, ‘harm’s way?’”

Ethan’s eyes went cold. “Don’t talk about my wife.” His tone left no room for discussion.

He jumped off the table and began to dress. The tension in the room was suffocating, Selene breathed hard.

The brown bag he’d placed on the table earlier had fallen to the floor. He picked it up and tossed it to Selene. She caught it and held it in her lap, afraid to open it.

“What is it?” she asked.

Ethan sighed. He looked away from her and focused on buttoning his shirt. “I had hoped today would be a joyous occasion.”

Selene was puzzled. She had no idea what he was talking about.

Carefully, she opened the bag. Inside was a small long box. She pulled it out cautiously. It was a pregnancy test. Her heart sank. How could she have forgotten? There was a good chance she was pregnant.

Without saying anything she rose and went in to the bathroom. She returned with the test and handed it to Ethan: it was still blank, the results hadn’t come in yet.

“Do you want to end this?” he asked. “Tell me now. You can walk away, take the money, I don’t care. I just need to know if you still want me.”

The way he phrased it: “if you still want me,” caught her attention. This was about more than a baby now and they both knew it.

She stared at the test in his hand. A vague symbol had appeared, but she couldn’t make it out. Positive or negative, she thought.

“I want this to work,” Ethan said, “but you have to trust me.”

She nodded her head weakly. “I still want you.” Her voice was pathetic and she hated herself for it. She wished she had the courage to own her feelings or walk away, but she was stuck in limbo.

Ethan pulled her close and hugged her. He held her tight. Selene felt so at ease in arms, but what about when he was gone and she was left with her thoughts.

He pulled away from her. He held out the pregnancy test, his hand covered the results. He took a deep breath and said, “Okay, here we go.” He removed his hand, revealing the answer: positive.


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