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“This way.”

Before heading to the bedroom Ethan picked up her torn stocking.

“Here,” Selene said taking off the one still on her leg, “you can keep ‘em.”


She tossed it to him, but before he could catch it, it hit him in the face. He wadded the pantyhose into a ball and smelled them. Breathing in deeply, he raised his eyebrow to her and said, “You smell nice.”

“Lead me to the bedroom,” she said unable to suppress her laughter. She turned to him and couldn’t help adding, “If your ready.”

“Is that a challenge?” he asked playfully.

Selene shrugged her shoulders.

Ethan smiled. It made the room light up. Selene had a sinking feeling in her gut; she would not be able to keep this relationship professional for long.

The center piece of the bedroom was a four post bed. Ethan walked over and pulled the covers and pillows off on to the floor, leaving behind only the white sheets. He patted the middle of the bed inviting her to climb on. Selene crawled across the bed on all fours to where Ethan was standing and pouted.

“Where do you want me?” she asked.

Ethan unfurled the crushed stockings in his fist. “Lay face down.”

Selene stretched out across the bed. Ethan took her hands and looped the stocking around her wrists. He then attached the loose end to the bedpost.

He folded the second stocking over on itself and wrapped it around her eyes. The blindfold didn’t totally obscure her view, instead it turned the world around her into a series of shadows and amorphous blobs.

Ethan knew how aroused she was by the anticipation of the unknown. He rightly guessed she would enjoy this game.

In truth, she was a little disappointed she couldn’t see Ethan’s body anymore, but she was incredibly turned on by her expectations of what was to come.

She felt herself grow wet again. Selene squirmed on the bed. Ethan spanked her.

“Stay still,” he commanded.

Selene bit her lip. She was barely able to contain her excitement.

Ethan ran his hand over her ass soothingly.

Selene arched her back propping her ass out, encouraging him to spank her again.

With her hands bound, she didn’t have much room to move. She wanted desperately to see what Ethan was doing behind her while simultaneously, and contrarily, feeling aroused by not knowing.

The moment lingered on. Selene knew he was waiting on purpose. It was torture for her, but when his hand came down firm and hard on her ass, the wait only made the sting sweeter.

She cried out.

Ethan brought his hand down on her again.

Selene wrapped her hands around the stocking, twisting it until the circulation to her fingers was cut off.

She whimpered as she gasped for air. Ethan hesitated.

“Don’t stop,” she ordered.

She felt Ethan’s soft lips on her lower back. He kissed her sweetly, then commenced with spanking.

By the time he was done, Selene was too weak to support her body. She laid flat on her stomach exhausted from the force of his blows and the release of achieving orgasm. Her orgasm had been deep and gratifying on an entirely different level from the one

experienced during conventional sex.

Smiling, she buried her face in the clean sheets.

Suddenly Ethan was behind her. She laughed to herself: she had forgotten about him.

Concerned that he had hurt her, he surveyed her ass: it was red and small welts were forming over its formerly smooth white surface.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “was I too hard?”

Selene raised her head and let out a hearty laugh. “You think you’re too much for me?”

she asked, an implicit challenge in her voice.

Ethan shook his head. “I’m beginning to think the opposite,” he said under his breath.

“You’re not finished already are you?” she asked.

Ethan stroked his cock. It sprung to life hard in his large hand. He positioned himself behind Selene.

She rested her head on the bed. She was eager to feel his cock inside her, but she felt spent.

When he penetrated her, he moved slowly. He wanted to temper the roughness, to create something sweet and forgiving between them.

His cock glided in and out of her with special care. His movements were controlled and gentle.

Unexpectedly, shudders raced through Selene’s body. She never would have believed she was capable of multiple orgasms, but since meeting Ethan almost anything seemed

possible: for better or worse.

This orgasm was smaller, more subdued. The feeling was pleasant like a warm drink on cold night; it felt comforting.

Selene relaxed her body, letting Ethan do as he pleased. His pleasure was in pleasing her.

He continued his rhythmic thrusts, always conscious of her level of enjoyment. Selene sensed this intuition he had for her needs. Emotions she tried to repress found there way to the surface. She wanted to cry, but she refused to let herself. Instead, she concentrated on her bodies’ physical responses. It felt amazing to clear her mind of her concerns.

After Ethan came, he quietly untied her and removed her blindfold. She was met with concerned expectant eyes.

She moved to the side as he laid down on his stomach beside her. His arms folded under his head he watched her closely as if he was trying to divine her thoughts.

A mark on his upper back caught her attention. She moved closer; it was a tattoo. A red and black geometric shape that spiraled around and twisted in on itself. It looked familiar, but she couldn’t place it.

“What’s this?” she asked running her finger over the marking.

Ethan turned over on to his back. “It’s a long story.”

Selene paused. Something about Ethan’s finances had been bothering her. “If all of your parents money went into a trust, then where did you get the money to start your


Ethan’s eyes darted across the ceiling as if the answer was written there. “Investors. I traded on the family name.”

It all seemed suspicious to her, she could tell he was holding back. Suddenly, she remembered where she had seen the symbol tattooed on his back. It hit her all at once: Belle Amie. Panic overtook her, she needed to get away from Ethan right away.


Slipping away from Ethan the night before hadn’t been easy. Selene knew her hasty exit left him suspicious, but putting her fears to rest took precedent over Ethan’s misgivings.

If he was some how connected with Belle Amie she needed to know.

Standing outside of the Belle Amie office building, Selene was struck by how ordinary it looked. It’s bland brick façade gave no indication of the services its employees provided.

Selene checked the address again.

After a quick phone call to an acquaintance and a lot of fake crying about her money woes, she had convinced her she was interested in becoming a, “Belle.” Her contact gave her the address of the service and arranged an interview.

Selene rang a buzzer and waited. A monotone voice said, “Yes?”

“I’m here for a job interview. Ms. Nin sent me.”

Selene had no idea who Ms. Nin was, or if this person even existed. She was told this was the secret code of the service: a way of letting the people inside know she wasn’t a cop.

The door unlocked and Selene entered. The lobby was cold and dark. Selene walked towards an empty desk, she assumed the secretary would be back soon.

She stopped dead in her tracks. A painting hung on the wall of a red geometric figure twisting and turning in on itself, surrounded by a black circle. It was the same symbol Ethan had tattooed on his back.

Selene moved closer to examine the picture. She felt as if there was something she wasn’t seeing. It was like looking at a stereogram. A two dimensional image with repeated patterns, that if you stared at just the right way, a three dimensional image would present itself.

Selene squinted and focused hard on the painting, but there was nothing. She was sure if she could just concentrate hard enough it would come to her but…

“May I help you?”

A woman standing in an open doorway stared at her sternly.

“Yes, I’m here for a job interview.”

The woman examined Selene. Satisfied with what she saw, she said, “This way.”

Selene followed the woman down a long hall into a plain office. She sat across from the woman as she looked something up on her computer.

“Now,” she began, “Alice, was it?”

Selene nodded.

“Alice,” the woman said again. She emphasized the name in a way that made it obvious to Selene she understood it was a fake name. “I hear you’re interested in working here.”

“Yes,” Selene had rehearsed this part before coming, “I’m recently divorced. My husband got everything and I…” She paused for dramatic effect and looked away as if she might cry.

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