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She quickly stepped into the cab and had the driver take her home.

When she woke the next morning the first thing Selene did was check her account. The ten million had been transferred to her checking, just as Ethan had promised.

Subconsciously, she ran her hand over her stomach. They had only been together once, but she already wondered if she was pregnant.


The thought of a baby sent a wave of excitement through her. In truth, she hadn’t thought much about children, but now she couldn’t wait to have one.

A second thought added to her pleasure: she could quit her job. She picked up her phone, called her boss, and told him everything she’d bottled up inside for years, then quit.

Purged of her anger, she promptly paid off all her bills. Afterwards she went to her favorite gourmet chocolate shop and bought half the store.

Back at home, while riding on a sugar high, she suddenly remembered she had agreed to meet Ethan tonight.

It was too early to tell if she was pregnant and they were under a deadline: she had to get pregnant within the next few months, that way the baby would be born before Ethan’s thirty-fifth birthday. Tonight was the night they began officially trying to pregnant.

Selene insisted they meet at a hotel. In her mind, Ethan’s wife had become a ghost. The idea of trying to have sex with Ethan while she roamed the halls, made her nervous.

In fact, it made her more than nervous, she found it disturbing.

Her relationship with Ethan may be strictly business, but he was good in bed and Selene planned on thoroughly enjoying every minute of it.

Still, something about Ethan bothered her. She was sure he wasn’t telling her the whole truth. Vainly, she hoped there wasn’t anything more sinister lurking behind his blue eyes.

The hotel was in the same part of town as the boutique she’d bought her dress from was located. In other words, it was extremely wealthy.

Selene entered the lobby to the sight of women in expensive dresses, dripping with jewelry.

Selene was still in denial about her pay day. She now had as much money as these people and someday her child would have even more. The idea made her dizzy.

She rushed to the elevator. Inside, she inserted a special key above the panel of buttons and turned it. The key, sent to her house earlier, gave her access to the penthouse.

The doors of the elevator closed and she was left staring at herself. The doors were a shiny gold reflective surface that showed her image as well as a mirror.

She surveyed her appearance: a black dress, panty hose, and black boots. Realizing she would look derelict next to the ladies in the lobby, self-consciousness began to creep into the back of her mind. Would Ethan think she looked pretty? Sexy?

She turned to check her backside in the doors. After appraising her round firm ass and full, natural breasts she decided that the way she was dressed wouldn’t matter: they would be naked soon enough. Selene was confident Ethan would be pleased.

The elevator doors opened directly into the penthouse. It took up the entire top floor of the hotel.

Selene stepped into a large open space. The style of the room was modern, sparse and sleek. It didn’t appeal to Selene’s taste.

Her boots thudded across the hardwood floor, echoing through the empty room. Where is Ethan she wondered.

One wall of the living room was solid glass window. She pressed her face to the glass and looked down below. She could barely make out the people walking along the street.

The city stretched out around her. The lights shined dimly as the sun was just setting. Not for the last time, she wondered how she got to this place.

Suddenly, Ethan was behind her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her tight. The smell of his cologne hung in the air around them. It had a clean aroma like the way a man smells when he steps out of the shower.

Ethan ran his fingers through her hair, pulling it away from her face. He kissed her neck and ran his hands over her breasts.

“I was worried you wouldn’t come tonight,” he whispered in her ear.

“I made a promise. I keep my word,” she hadn’t meant for the words to come out

sounding bitter, but she couldn’t help herself; she still wasn’t entirely over his deception.

Ethan stood still behind her, his hands resting on her breasts.

“Besides,” she continued, “you are a good fuck.”

If her previous comment made him uncomfortable, the latter washed away his

insecurities. He laughed, then continued kneading her breasts.

“Shall we go to the bedroom?” he asked.

“No, let’s stay here.”

There was something about the way the city looked at sunset, it made Selene feel calm and peaceful.

“Fuck me here,” she commanded.

“Yes ma’am.”

Selene put her hands against the glass. Ethan lifted her dress, bunching it up around her hips.

He got down on his knees and wrapped his fingers around the bikini straps of her underwear. They slid off her easily. She stepped out of them and waited for Ethan’s next move.

He ran his hands over her legs, tracing the lines on her thigh-high stockings. Selene tried to stand still as shivers shot through her body.

Ethan kissed her thigh, then bit the stocking, ripping it with his teeth. Taking the torn ends in hands he pulled hard, ripping the hose all the way down her leg. The tearing sound cut through the silent room.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Ethan take the stocking and set it aside. What was he planning, she wondered.

She began to grow excited. Ethan stood up and unzipped her dress. He pulled her dress off and discarded it.

He removed his shirt, pants and underwear, letting them fall around his feet.

She felt his cock rub against her ass: he was already hard.

The thought of him waiting to fuck her, his cock hard and ready, made her wet. It also filled her with frustration. Just do it, she wanted to scream, fuck me.

Her breath fogged the glass in front of her. Impatiently, she drummed her fingers along its surface.

Sensing her anger, Ethan smiled. It aroused him to know how much she craved his cock.

Without further adieu, he grabbed her hips, angling her ass out to him. He positioned himself behind her then drove his cock deep inside her.

A moan hissed out of Selene’s mouth.

Ethan pierced her mercilessly over and over.

The force pressed her into the glass, her breasts smashed flat against the cold surface.

Idly, she wondered if anyone could see them. There were tall buildings all around, a few with lights on.

Selene straightened up. A small smile played at the edges of her mouth as she cried out in pleasure. She wanted to put on a good show for anyone watching.

Encouraged by her cries, Ethan fucked her harder. Selene reached behind her and placed her hand on Ethan’s ass. She squeezed it hard and pulled it towards her, urging him to go faster.

Thoughts of the previous days disappointments, deceptions and revelations clouded her mind.

As his cock drove inside her she pushed against him; her need to exorcise the bad blood between them was as strong as her carnal desire.

“Don’t stop,” she groaned.

He held out a moment longer. It was torture for him, but he wanted to please her.

After coming he pulled out slowly and kissed her neck. To feel tenderness after such a thorough, rough fuck was oddly jarring, but not displeasing.

Selene turned away from the cityscape. It had grown dark. The special period of twilight was gone.

She faced Ethan for the first time that night. His hair was wild and his face flushed. He was still breathing hard, nearly exhausted from the exertion and force of his orgasm.

Every time he breathed the muscles of his chest and abdomen flexed and tensed as if they were trying to contain some wild creature.

She wanted to touch him to run her hands over his warm flesh. She resisted the impulse; it felt too intimate. She knew she had to keep her personal feelings out of their arrangement, but it was hard.

One look in his eyes and she was drawn to him. She wanted to lay in his arms, to make a real life with him, to be a family.

Selene closed her eyes and walked to the couch. Ethan followed her like a lost puppy. She sat with her head in her hands. Ethan kneeled in front of her.

“What’s wrong?” he asked gently.

Selene took a breath and looked at him; her expression turned to ice. “Not a thing,” she replied. The last thing she wanted was to show weakness in front of him, for him to realize what a hopeless case she was. She had strong feelings for Ethan, feelings she didn’t fully understand yet. Nor did she understand what their consequences would be on her life.

She straightened up. Appraising his body, she subconsciously bit her bottom lip. His body was like a Greek statue carved from marble.

“You’re not done for the night are you? I’m not finished yet,” Selene said.

Ethan put out his hands in a provocative gesture. “I’m game if you’re game babe.”

Selene suppressed a laugh and stood. “Good. Let’s go to the bedroom this time.” Looking around at the sprawling penthouse she added, “Where is the bedroom?”

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